At Pernokas Saddlery, we still make our strap goods the way they’ve been made for the last couple of hundred years. That means we select each piece of leather and then cut, edge, rub, and oil it by hand. Because we use these products ourselves, we can tell if they have the correct "feel". People ask us what the "secret" is to making quality strap goods, and we tell them that it's "elbow grease", pure and simple. It costs a little more to buy American handmade tack, but we feel it's worth it. For quality English Saddles and tack contact Lindy.

Our mohair blend cinches are made by us on stainless steel buckles.

Replacing a worn flank is the least expensive thing you can do to make your roping horse work and pull better. Our wide roping flanks feature a solid stainless steel tube on a stainless buckle to keep them from being damaged by your spurs. These won't eat up your billets.

Our cutting flanks also feature a stainless steel buckle.

This is a smooth-out 1-1/4 inch breast collar with stainless steel hardware and buckles. It's our most popular style but we also make a wider, straight version, a contoured three-piece, and a solid steer tripping breast collar (or whatever you can trace off on a feed sack). All can be personalized and tooled with your choice of hardware.

We make our own heavy harness leather reins. We strip out each pair by hand, edge them by hand, rub them with our "secret" formula by hand, and let them soak in oil. This hand work gives them a better "broken in" feel, which you don't get with industrial strippers and edgers. Of course, we use them too.

Our regular length is 7 to 7-1/2 feet long. We charge $2 more for long (7-1/2 feet to 8 feet) or extra long (8 to 9 feet).

1/2 inch reins – $50
5/8 inch reins – $53
3/4 inch reins – $56
1 inch reins – Ask for pricing

We also make roping reins with one or two buckles for $35.

We offer heavy 1 inch leather tie-down straps. We also make several styles of leather nosebands.

Our heavy harness leather martingales utilize stainless steel rings5. We also make German martingales.

We make both browband and split ear harness leather headstalls. These, like all our tack, are edged, rubbed and oiled by hand.

We can make any style of lined headstall. This one is in our "Cowboy" design with teardrop cheeks to give it a "retro" western look, but with a refined crown piece and ear piece to complement the horse.

We cover our own stirrups and can make any style and size that you want. We are one of the few places this side of the border that are still covering our own stirrups in heavy rawhide. Shown here, from left to right, are our most popular reining stirrup, the 2-1/2 inch bell, the 3 inch roping stirrup, and the 1 inch cutting oxbow stirrup.

We also stock those popular 4 inch ropers and can make any size stirrup in an "oversize" to fit the width of large crepe soles.

  • We make Latigo straps and halfbreed off billets. These feel great and have lots of holes.
  • We make lined billets.

  • We make lined rear flank billets.
  • We also make lined roping billets with more holes and rawhide in the middle.

  • We also carry the original "Security Blanket" saddle pad by Don Leson and contoured felt saddle pads by Tod Slone. These are the real thing and not a cheap imported copy.
  • We can provide you with your English tack needs with quality tack from Beval Saddlery.

  • We offer handwoven, eight pound (heavy) saddle blankets from Mexico which we put durable wear leathers on.
  • We are a dealer for Professionals Choice as well as BMB. BMB is known for their high quality and personalized halters and horse blankets. These are ideal for awards so contact us for your next event.

Safety Tip: Remember, when a strap gets worn, replace it!

If you have any questions or would like to place a phone order,
please email or call (254) 968-7161.

Pernokas Saddlery
Nick and Lindy Pernokas
3891 CR 351
Stephenville, TX  76401
Phone: (254) 968-7161

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