Our saddles are handcrafted by us one at a time out of completely “authentic” American materials. Because we don’t “Stack them deep and sell them cheap” they take a little longer to get. We usually run from six months to a year behind on our custom saddle orders. We do have a few new and used saddles in stock. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about ordering a saddle. We like to think that we are one of the few places left where you can talk to the person who actually builds your saddle.

We have a lot of style and tooling options available so if you don’t see what you want here please contact us. We also can provide any type of silver or hardware from one of our skilled craftsmen. Saddles can be personalized with names, logos or figures. Send your artwork for an individual estimate. When you are ready for a saddle built in the Texas tradition, give us a call.

Custom Saddles start at $5,500.

If you would like to hear Nick discuss some of the extras that he builds into his saddles, please watch this video.

A 3/4 floral carved Pernokas Roping saddle. Hardware by Glenn Pointer, Conchos by Tim Moore.


This roping saddle was inspired by Texas Musician Ray Wylie Hubbard's album "Loco Gringo's Lament". The album is an excellent concept album and uses cowboys and devils as metaphors for the dark side of "The Road". Always one of Nick's favorite albums, he incorporated these images into the saddle. The geometric pattern is actually a tiny skull from a tool made just for this saddle. The border is a prickly pear cactus. A Colt 45 shoots tooling out on one side, while the "Dead Man's Hand" of cards hides behind it on the other. Angel wings on the cantle hint at redemption. The conchos depict a skeletal bandito pointing a Colt 45 through a stand of cactus.

Listen to the song which inspired this saddle by clicking this link.

The Pernokas All Around Cowhorse Saddle is made with a cutting style tree. The fenders are designed for a reining style feel, the skirts are cut out under the leg for close contact, and the bars are reinforced with fiberglass for roping. In this example the leather is oiled to a dark chestnut color and Nick's tooling combines a floral pattern with a flame border which we call "Wildfire". The stainless steel hardware was handmade by Glenn Pointer, and the back dees have been overlaid in silver floral filigree . The conchos which offer a silver filigree overlaid over a sterling engraved concho.

Whether you're riding in the arena for "The Greatest Horseman" Finals or just a local Ranch Versatility show, you can do it all in this saddle.

Full Carved Pernokas Roper Pernokas Reining Saddle with Butterfly Shaped Skirts, handmade Brown Hardware with Sterling Floral Filigree and Floral Carving with background dyed over "Stephenville Star" pattern

"Texas Star" Western Pleasure Saddle with Butterfly Shaped Skirts, "Stephenville Star" tooling, Sterling Silver Star and Barbwire trim with enameled background and Pointer hardware The Original Pernokas Reining Saddle with a Basket Stamp and Floral Pattern is shown here ready for the Cowhorse Arena with Rear Billets

Association Style Roping Saddle
 with Square Skirts

Barrel Racing Saddle
with Inskirt Rigging

Bowman Style Reining Saddle with Three Quarter Basket Stamped Square Skirts with Oak Carved Borders and Personalized Silver Trim Cutting Saddle with Three Quarter Slick Out, Arrowhead Border, Brown Pointer Hardware, Stirrups and Conchos with Silver Trim

Fully Carved Floral Reining Saddle with Pointer Stainless Steel Hardware and Pointer Brown Conchos with Sunflowers. Square Skirts Basket Stamped Western Pleasure Saddle
 with Mini Oak Border

Basket Stamped Reining Saddle with
Cutaway Skirts and Inskirt Rigging
The Buckaroo Reiner is a fully functional reining saddle with a Wade swell and horn and our bars, riggings and fenders. For those who want a functional "retro" look

If you have any questions or would like to place a phone order,
please email  pernokassaddlery@centurylink.net
or call (254) 968-7161.

"I've worn out my welcome in certain small circles..." Ray Wylie Hubbard

Pernokas Saddlery
Nick and Lindy Pernokas
3891 CR 351
Stephenville, TX  76401
Phone: (254) 968-7161
Email: pernokassaddlery@centurylink.net

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